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Inside the Issue: #784 (March, 2017)


Inside the Issue: #784 (March, 2017)

Issue #784 (March, 2017) is out today, available via the usual stockists and our online store.

Our cover-story is on La La Land star — and Oscar favourite — Emma Stone, tracing her panic attack-plagued childhood to her breakout role in Birdman.

Jonah Weiner:

One night in 2013, though, while shooting Birdman, Stone lost her shit – and it felt fantastic. The film, which director Alejandro González Iñárritu wove together from a series of extremely long takes, demanded not just emotional rawness from Stone but technical exactitude. "I had to come in at the very end of this one scene, and it was so scary, because everything was timed out." She botched a take. "Alejandro told me, 'Emma, you have to go faster around the corner or it's going to ruin the movie!' And I was like, 'This is a horror, this is so hard, it's actually insane.' Later that night, Edward Norton and I were shooting on a rooftop at, like, 2 a.m. We'd done this scene 30 times, and Alejandro wasn't getting what he wanted. He said, 'Maybe it's not going to work.' I went to my dressing room, pacing, like, 'I can't do it. I'm losing my fucking mind.' This thing came over me. I'm usually a people-pleaser, but I felt like, 'Fuck it. I don't even care anymore.' So when we went back to do the scene, I was crazy, spitting. And Alejandro goes, 'Beautiful – there it is!' " Stone shakes her head at the memory. "I wasn't trying to make it perfect anymore."

Alongside a special breakout set of 'Words of Wisdom' interviews with Father John Misty, Florence Welch, Louie C.K. and more, the issue also features profiles and interviews with Thundamentals, Neil Young, Bernard Fanning, Suze DeMarchi and rockers Jet, who are set make their unexpected return, supporting Springsteen and reissuing their early LPs.

Michael Dwyer:

How far would you go to escape the time of your life? For Jet frontman Nic Cester, the answer is "as far away as possible". When he unplugged his guitar and walked off Brisbane's Riverstage on November 13th, 2010 – Jet's final opening slot on Powderfinger's Sunsets Farewell Tour – he wasn't looking back.

"Literally 48 hours after that last show, I was in the middle of the Jordanian desert with a Bedouin guide and a bunch of camels," the singer-guitarist recalls, fielding his first interview in six years from his home in Lake Como, Italy.

Beyond the worlds of movies and music, we also feature two special reports, on the current state of climate change and an investigation into the underworld of 'dog factories' that operate across the United States.

Paul Solotaroff:

Three years ago, the U.S. Department of Agriculture passed an amendment requiring online sellers to get federally licensed, which would submit them to annual inspections and standard-of-care rules. At the time, the department expected thousands of breeders to step forward and comply with the law; to date, less than 300 have. When asked about sellers who disregard the law, Tanya Espinosa, a USDA spokeswoman, says, "It is virtually impossible for us to monitor the Internet for breeders... [We] rely heavily on the public and their complaints." Good luck with that: Open your browser, type a breed in your state, and thousands of websites appear. All claim to be local, loving and humane. All too often, they are none of the above.

The issue also features a look at the first ever edition of Rolling Stone back in 1967, plus tributes to Carrie Fisher, George Michael and Status Quo's Rick Parfitt, and Australian country music star, Keith Urban, talks us through the songs that have influenced his life.


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