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Jenny Lewis: "I Often Think About My Epitaph"


Jenny Lewis: "I Often Think About My Epitaph"

The singer-songwriter on drinking onstage, and where she'd like to be buried.

The last time I was starstruck
I was at the MusiCares benefit that honoured Bob Dylan a couple of months ago with Beck, singing back-ups, and I was about five feet away from Dylan, and I of course didn't go up to him. I didn't even want to look at him dead on, I wanted to see him in my peripheral vision. But he was there, and it was pretty amazing being that close to Bob Dylan. He's a wizard. That's the closest I'll get to Merlin. [Laughs]

The last thing I do before going onstage
I make sure there's a proper amount of natural wine in my rainbow mug. It's not coffee or tea, as I would like for people to think. And it's not the reverse – I think Eddie Vedder has a bottle of red wine onstage and a wine bottle filled up with water. It's his Jesus bit. [Laughs] How much do I drink during a show? It's not very rock & roll, it's about half a glass when I'm playing. The thing about red wine, it's totally dehydrating, so it's like the worst thing you can drink when you're singing, it's like pouring sand on your vocal cords.

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The last TV series I watched
Nashville. It's good in the same way that Dallas was good; it's kind of like a nighttime soap opera but with Nashville and the music business as the setting. My boyfriend and I are kind of obsessed.

The last time I stole something
I don't steal, except for occasionally I'll take a washcloth from a hotel room and then exchange it at the next hotel room with a new washcloth. It's quite a racket.

The last gig I went to
Dawes at the Hollywood Forever cemetery in Los Angeles. I was thinking, would it be cooler to be buried at the Hollywood Forever cemetery or Père Lachaise [in Paris]? That's quite beautiful, but it seems everyone would want to go and see Oscar Wilde or Jim Morrison. So, Hollywood Forever [for me]. And there's music and events at Hollywood Forever. If your friends are there for a concert they'd be like, "Oh, we'll go visit her grave." I often think about my epitaph, and my first choice would be, "I could probably live here."

The last time I forgot a lyric
This is dangerous, we shouldn't talk about it, I'm very superstitious. And I don't often forget lyrics, but when I do it can be very scary. It sometimes happens when I'm really checking out the audience. People don't realise I'm looking at you as you're looking at me. I see everyone out there. And sometimes I'll be a little too into what is going on out there and I'll forget where I'm at in my weirdly wordy songs. [Audience members] making out is distracting, but I encourage it.

My last meal would be
From this Japanese restaurant in Los Angeles, and I've been going there for about 15 years, and I only order one thing on the menu. I have never strayed. It's a Japanese Bento box. It's like a garlic tofu. I'm not a vegetarian, I don't like tofu typically, but this spicy garlic tofu is the only thing I want to eat, and that's what I'm having for dinner tonight. And let's hope that it's not my last meal and I end up over at Hollywood Forever.

The last time I was mistaken for someone else
I released a video [recently] for "She's Not Me", and in it there are several references, and one is to this movie I was in called Troop Beverly Hills. And there are two red-headed child actors in Troop Beverly Hills, myself and Emily Schulman, who was also on a very popular American television show called Small Wonder. My entire life growing up, everyone thought I was this girl who was on Small Wonder, Emily Schulman. Not the case. And then I put out this video and someone on Twitter was like, "Oh, were you on Small Wonder?" Oh, drat! Still happening!

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Jenny Lewis will also be in Australia later this month for Splendour in the Grass, as well as a small run of headline shows.


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