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Joe Manganiello Producing Morrissey-Approved Smiths Movie


Joe Manganiello Producing Morrissey-Approved Smiths Movie

Actor Joe Manganiello (Magic MikeSabotage) is producing a film with his company 359 Inc. about rock legends the Smiths, Pitchfork reports. The film, called Shoplifters of the World, is inspired by Smiths legend of a crazed fan holding a Denver radio station staff hostage demanding the station play only Smiths songs. 

The film will take place in 1987, when the band announced their hiatus. Veteran music documentarian Stephen Kijak (JacoBackstreet Boys: Show 'Em What You're Made Of) will write and direct the project. 

Manganiello will star as the radio station DJ, Showbiz 411 reports. While the actor hasn't addressed the casting, he did poke fun at the publication for calling the Smiths a "punk band," tweeting in response to their article: "Rock or British Indie. You could even go new wave but definitely not punk. You've got some Spotify homework today."

He said the film originated through Kijak's previous connection with Morrissey. The English singer agreed to license the band's catalogue in Shoplifters for a "nice, affordable fee."


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