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LCD Soundsystem Channel 1980s in 'Tonite' Video


LCD Soundsystem have unleashed their new video for "Tonite," the latest cut off the reunited dance-rock act's new LP American Dream.

The video, seemingly filmed with Eighties video technology, finds James Murphy and company performing the new track on a rotating circular stage while the singer recites the lyrics into a tape machine.

LCD Soundsystem debuted "Tonite" live earlier this year before premiering the studio version Wednesday on Zane Lowe's Beats 1 radio show.

As Murphy told Lowe in an interview prior to the song's premiere, the opening lyric – "Everybody’s singing the same song / It goes "tonight, tonight, tonight" – was inspired by Murphy's observation that a lot of hit singles he kept hearing in taxis revolved around a motif that "we only have tonight."

Despite the upbeat nature of the music, Murphy's lyrics offer a deadpan glimpse at ageing. "And you're getting older / I promise you this, you’re getting older," Murphy says in his trademark sing-speak. "But the future's a nightmare / And there's nothing I can do / There's nothing anyone can do about this."


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