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Listen to Brightness' Raw New Track 'Waltz'


Port Macquarie singer-songwriter, Brightness, aka Alex Knight, has revealed his second song "Waltz", accompanied by a video premiered exclusively today via Rolling Stone Australia.

While February's introduction, "Oblivion" — not unlike Shocking Pinks' occasional dabs with the edges of lo-fi punk folk — strutted along with a frenzied pulse, "Waltz" trudges, acoustic plucks accompanied only by thick tape-hiss. It's a sparsity that inflates Knight's weighty heart-sleeved words, which are delivered with lullaby bluntness ("you're the love of my life"). It's altogether more sincere, than sappy, "a song of love and gratitude", as Knight explains.

As for the notable demo-fidelity format, Knight says that "the [recording] tape itself had just about had it and you can hear another song bleeding through from one of its other tracks." This second-hand nature supplements the song's spontaneous style, with the songwriter adding that "Waltz" was recorded in "one uninterrupted take using a single microphone."

The clip itself — once more created in partnership with "Oblivion" video director, Mclean Stephenson — is suitably raw, the letter-boxed 4:3 format being an instantly recognisable hallmark of home-made videos from decades passed.

Both "Waltz" and "Oblivion" are set to appear on Brightness' debut, Teething, expected later this year via I Oh You. In the meantime, Knight will join Middle Kids in support at their forthcoming pair of Sydney shows.


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