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Middle Kids Arrive with Ambition on Epic Debut Single


Middle Kids Arrive with Ambition on Epic Debut Single

Hello, is that just a modern leper strumming its way into the scene? Maybe, as much like that fragile Frightened form, it is a mere temporary exhibit of weakness, the weight of wariness and apprehension lifted swiftly for a similarly effective statement — with Scott Hutchison's signature underdog uplift replaced by Middle Kids' wide-eyed optimism.

Comparisons conclude right there as "Edge of Town", the debut single from this emerging Sydney band (exclusively available to stream below), strikes with unshakable confidence; once up to full flight displaying a fusion of sharp, swirling indie-pop flirts and stadium rock anthem aims. And at the centre of this inthralling identity wrestle there's Hannah Joy, steering the ship with shape-shifting vocals that sway from brooding self-analysis to euphoric elation, culminating in a chorus that simultaneously serves as a desperate plea and an instantly appealing hook.

Here's a band clearly with an abundance of ideas, the bravery to step beyond standard structures and the creative ability to interweave a pathway through. The trio — Joy is joined by fellow soloist Tim Fitz, as well as newcomer Harry Day — are aiming to follow-up this introduction with their debut EP later in the year.


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