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Phoenix Announce New Album 'Ti Amo'


Phoenix Announce New Album 'Ti Amo'

Phoenix have announced their new album Ti Amo, the French rock group's first LP since 2013's Bankrupt!

The album is due out June 9th via Glassnote, the band told the New York Times, with guitarist Laurent Brancowitz adding that the LP sounds like "summer and Italian discos."

This past weekend, Phoenix played their first two gigs in three years, a pair of Antwerp, Belgium concerts that featured the debut of new songs like Ti Amo opener "J-Boy," "Role Model," "Lovelife" and the album's title track. In addition to those four songs, the New York Times writes "Fleur de Lys" is another cut on the Te Amo track list.

Phoenix began working on Ti Amo in 2014 in a former Paris operahouse that was rebuilt as a tech incubator, museum and concert hall, where the band worked eight hours a day, accruing material.

"We did a lot of experimenting," singer Thomas Mars told the New York Times. "We could go back and say, 'Let's get the MIDI from February 12th,' or, 'Let's get the first take.'"


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