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Polish Club's L.A. Experience


Polish Club's L.A. Experience

When Polish Club played Bigsound in Brisbane last year, standing amongst the punters was producer Rob Cavallo, whose credits include Green Day, Alanis Morissette and Eric Clapton, to name a few. Impressed, he struck up a relationship with the band that, some months later, saw them become the first signing to his new (yet to be named) label and, in March, enter United Recording Studios in Los Angeles to start work on their debut album. Given the studio has played host to everyone from Frank Sinatra to Michael Jackson, the Sydney duo are in good company.

"The first thing I saw [on the wall] when I walked into the studio we were working in was Michael Jackson's Thriller. Then I turned to my left and it was Weezer's Pinkerton," says vocalist/guitarist Novak. 

It's been a whirlwind 12 months for the Sydney outfit, who formed in late-2014 and only have an EP and 7-inch to their name.

"It's so, so crazy," says Novak. "We're almost beyond being stoked because it's kind of disorientating."

The two-piece spent three weeks in March rehearsing and recording eight songs with Cavallo, and are set to return to United later in the year to continue whittling down the "50 or 60 ideas" into an album. Song titles are light on the ground – though singles "Beeping" and "Able" will make the cut ("We've spruced them up a little, so they're not just gonna be the same old shit you've heard before") – but Novak promises a few surprises for fans of the band's buzzsaw rock & soul. "The songs are exceeding two minutes now, which is a bit of a milestone," he laughs.

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