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Premiere: Noire 'Just Like Honey'


Premiere: Noire 'Just Like Honey'

Surface level views show something rather straight-forward — bright bass contradictions weaved amongst a hauntingly dark-pop edge. But the true beauty of Noire's sound is in the details. The synth-shaking introduction of momentary apprehension. Almost indecipherable lyrics hinting at grave consequences ("we'll be paying a high price"), offered with deadpan expressions. Indifference vs overly measured control, with equal weighting given to instrumental pauses and harmonious rises, plodding rhythmic footsteps and agitated guitars. The band say "Just Like Honey" is about "melancholic romance, crossing borders or dancing alone in a candle-lit ballroom". All imagery that is equally invested in hope and heartbreak, serving as the perfect middle-ground for this rising Sydney band.

Noire will officially launch "Just Like Honey" at Sydney's The Cliff Dive on July 2.


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