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Premiere: SPOD's 'Last Dance'


Premiere: SPOD's 'Last Dance'

The painful truth is that all pleasant evenings of nightclub-dwelling debauchery must come to an eventual end, in both the literal and metaphorical sense. Local sweat-pop, dance-rock legend, SPOD, has passed the partying pinnacle of his life, where throwing streamers at strangers, maiming innocent people with missile champagne corks and slow-grinding unsuspecting pub attendees isn't as much fun as it once was.

To celebrate this mid-life crisis, he's decided to release an updated version of his (self-described) "2003 classic", Taste The Radness. The new instalment, aptly titled, Taste The Sadness, explores hitting the second half of your existence in full-stride, dislocated your hip in the process and then spending the rest of your days in an extremely comfortable armchair explaining to everyone about how much significantly more enjoyable everything was when you were able to enjoy things more.

Last Dance — the updated version of the sexually explicit synth king-hit, Letz Dance!!!, and first single from Taste The Sadness — is a morbid swan-song, tracing over the heavy plods of a lonely gent as he attempts to exit from the spotlight with a slither of grace still in tact.

Taste The Sadness is out this August via Rice Is Nice. More SPOD news, including tour dates and summer specials for his successful jerky business, expected before the end of the month.

UPDATE: Spod has released the mournful video for "Last Dance". You can see it here.


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