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Tegan Quin on Death, Dentist Visits and Being Mistaken For Her Twin


Tegan Quin on Death, Dentist Visits and Being Mistaken For Her Twin

Tegan Quinn, one half of Tegan and Sara, runs us through her list of lasts, including stories of heartbreak, hitmaking and the duo's new The Con X: Covers project.

The last time I feared for my life
Every single time I am in the back of a car in LA driving on the freeways here. It's madness. LA would be a much more tolerable city if there were half as many cars on the road.

The last time I said, "Don't you know who I am?"
I don't think I've ever said those words, but I do take pleasure in saying, "I am Tegan and Sara" when people say, "You look like those Tegan and Sara girls."

The last time I went to the dentist
June! I had to get my veneers replaced on my two front teeth. When we were kids Sara and I knocked heads. One of my front teeth died. I had to get a root canal and then in my early 20s I had veneers put on. But they only last 12 or so years. So it was time for a new set. You should see my smile.

The last time I asked someone for their autograph
Ha! Never! But I ask for photos all the time. I am not above being a fan when I meet someone I love. Who was the last person I asked? Lauren from Chvrches. I just love her so much, and the band. We were backstage at a show and before we went and played we asked her to take a photo with us. They just covered "Call It Off" for our The Con X: Covers 10-year anniversary project.

The last time I took a selfie with a fan
Yesterday in my local grocery store. If someone is friendly and polite I will never say no.

The last song I wrote and thought, "That's a hit..."
The only song I have ever thought "that's a hit" was "Closer" quite honestly. And even then I never imagined it would have the legs it did.

The last time I thought about death
Constantly. It's probably age, but I think in your 30s you start to feel how quickly time passes. At this point most of us in our 30s have lost people in our lives. It could be how volatile the world is or the constant stream of news in our lives from our phones and computers, but I also feel painfully aware of how random life is and so... it's never far from my mind. This could be your last day. Live it like it's both your first and last.

The last book I read
Wanderlust: A History of Walking by Rebecca Solnit. I'm a member of a book club called Book of the Month. Based on your preferences you get to choose from five books each month. They send you one and you can add on additional books for a lower rate. It's kind of brilliant. I'm a big reader. I think it's a great way to get lost.

The last time I broke someone's heart
Me? I would never do something like that.

The last time I did something I regretted
Oh. Well. There's a spectrum here. I washed and dried a new shirt and ruined it and that made me feel so wasteful and lazy to have not noticed it in there. But, I regret bigger things too. Like, I have been struggling with a sore neck and left it for weeks and then threw it out terribly, and I've been in and out of doctors' offices and in pain and I think it was quite avoidable. I regret putting it off. But, I don't regret a lot of things.

The last time someone mistook me for Sara
Walking out of our rehearsal spot last night a guy walked by me and said "Sara" but in a way that I knew he knew Sara. So I turned around and said, "Tegan actually." He seemed embarrassed, but he had only met Sara once in the studio when she was recording a track with Theophilus London. It was sweet. I like passing for both of us.

The last time I heard a song and thought, "I wish I wrote that."
I love the new Paramore record. I think Hayley has a fascinating way of stringing together words with unique melodies.

The last time I used public transport
A few weeks ago. I don't have a drivers' licence so I use transit in Vancouver to get around. I love putting on a podcast and wandering. It's one of my greatest gifts. I have all the time in the world most days to get where I'm going.

The last time I went on a blind date
Spring 2006. Never again.

The last time I deleted my browsing history
Never! Should I?!

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