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The Meanies: 25 Years On First

Most bands can't even spell "twenty five years", let alone continually play music for that long. And whilst that may say more about the failing public education system of this nation, it also acknowledges that bands like The Meanies are a rarity to be treasured. Better still, their exploits should be taught in classrooms all across Australia, lessons undoubtedly more beneficial than spelling bee games and the like.

So consider this lesson one. Below are a bunch of stories about bands you might not even know. Better still, these stories are real, told here by Wally Meanie, one of the founding Meanies of the Meanie Family. The list features eight musical bands from the archives of time, four locals and four global travellers, and all bands that The Meanies have supported at some stage over their 25 year history.

The Meanies are currently celebrating this anniversary with a national tour where they won't be supporting anyone. In fact, others will be supporting them. Tables turned and celebrations to be had, continuing tonight in Sydney at The Roller Den (Imperial Hotel) in Erskineville where the band will be joined by Batpiss, Clowns and Firearms. No doubt the Batpiss boys are currently penning their own list of memorable support slots to be re-told in some format in a few decades time. Until then, however, catch The Meanies playing a few more shows before the month is out, including the Brisbane Hotel in Hobart on the 17th, Prince of Wales in Brisbane on the 18th and The Hi-Fi in Melbourne on the 24th.

All words below by Wally Meanie.



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