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Titus Andronicus Preview New LP With Sweeping 'Number One (In New York)'


Titus Andronicus released a sprawling new track titled "Number One (In New York)" on Friday. The song is the lead single from A Productive Cough, their new album due out March 2nd.

"Number One (In New York)" is an insistent piano ballad that unfurls over ten minutes. The band establishes the dominant keyboard motif early and barely changes it throughout the entire song. Gradually, the rest of the group joins in, layering stabs of guitar, swelling layers of strings and surges of percussion.

In the song's video, the band assembles in a barn-like studio to cut "Number One (In New York)." An engineer tunes the piano and sets up microphones to capture the sound of the drums. Lead singer Patrick Stickles begins singing. His delivery starts smooth, but becomes more incensed. Soon, he's roaring through dense, twisting lines: "Repent and pretend every entrance is open to tenants with references/ Declare myself president of the emptiness, say I'm Rembrandt of dancing on the precipice."

Expect more songs with slow tempos on A Productive Cough. "Titus Andronicus records have always had their fair share of ballads," Stickles noted in a statement. "But they were always buried. Now, they are the cornerstones."

Following the release of A Productive Cough, the band's first studio LP since 2015's The Most Lamentable Tragedy, Titus Andronicus will tour the U.S. and Canada. The tour opens March 7th in Kingston, NY and wraps up five weeks later in Brooklyn.

A Productive Cough Track List
1. "Number One (In New York)"
2. "Real Talk"
3. "Above the Bodega (Local Business)"
4. "Crass Tattoo"
5. "(I'm) Like a Rolling Stone"
6. "Home Alone"
7. "Mass Transit Madness (Goin’ Loco)"


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