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Track By Track: King Parrot 'Ugly Produce'


Track By Track: King Parrot 'Ugly Produce'

King Parrot vocalist Matthew Young runs us through the Melbourne metaller's new album, 'Ugly Produce', released September 22nd. As an extra treat, the full album is also available to stream below.

"One of the first we wrote for the new album so it made sense we made it the first song. A powerful brain buster with all the ingredients required to be a KP anthem, whatever the hell that means. Some hard-core punk vibes, crossed with black metal screeching and plenty of groove to boot."

"Piss Wreck"
"The video for this song was so much fun to make. The rolling rhythm of the track made it easy to do some typically King Parrot-esque stupidity. The lyrics are a commentary on the former glory of being a 'Piss Wreck', and an observation on the current state of alcoholism in Australian society! A bunch of flamin' galahs!"

"Disgrace Yourself"
"One of my early favourites. Thrash infused grind, with punk rock attitude has made this song one of the most fun to play. The lyrics poke a bit of fun at people thriving for stardom in our scene, while we rip them to shreds with a barrage of horrid noise."

"All Hail the Grub"
"This was the last track we wrote for the album and it's one of the most challenging vocally. A non-stop punk rock fun party about people making your life difficult just for the hell of it. We've all had one of those self-righteous assholes in our lives at times haven't we! Our guitarist Squiz based the structure of the song on the Fear track, 'I Don't Care About You'. We added a few little nuances here and there, but you should get the gist of it!"

"Ten Pounds of Shit in a Five Pound Bag"
"The making of the video for this song was one of the most fun days of my life. Spending time in a bondage and discipline dungeon was something I was always curious about, and we got to have the full experience that day. The music for this song was written by our drummer Todd and the cheeky bugger can play a few riffs on the guitar too. Top effort by the proud Queenslander!"

"A fast paced schizoid song about the perils of ice/amphetamine use in our society today. Frantic guitars, with bullet speed drumming and a chorus section towards the back end of the song that could probably fit into some sort of pop anthem if it wasn't played by us. We got some ladies in to do gang vocals in that part too, and we really had a ball with it."

"Now It Stokes Frenzy"
"This was another of the first tracks we wrote for the album, and we've had the chance to road test this track live over the last year. Blackened grind riffs that grate at you, combined with slow chunky sludge fillings make this song one of our most diverse. Some of my favourite vocal parts are on this song, see if you can tell where I've ripped off Australian grind legends Damaged."

"Numb Skull"
"We got a bit semi-political on this track and had a crack at western medicine and the some of the inadequate medical services provided to people in the name of 'health care'. There's plenty of people doing a great job, but some are just out and out... Numb Skulls! A straight up hardcore punk grinder with a killer chug riff ending with wacky timing. I'm still getting use to trying to sing it in time and I've banned Slatts from trying to sing it with me because we will definitely stuff it up!"

"Die Before You Die"
"This is probably the most thrash-inspired track on the album, but as always, King Parrot like to throw a few twists and turns in there to change the focus and dimensions to ensure there's no pigeon holing going on. A full-on thrash fest that spirals down into a dark slow stonking chorus with a ridiculous chant of DIE – before you – DIE!"

"Spookin' the Animals"
"There's an interesting story behind this one. One of King Parrot's greatest contributors in terms of art work and video advice, Boyd Synnott, helped inspire the story and lyrics after a mishap on one of our European tours. Without divulging too many of the details, he ended up having a stint in a facility none of us would want to end up in. One of the last songs we finalised for the album and the longest song too. I think it is one of the best. Twists and turns galore and really finishes up the album well."

Stream 'Ugly Produce' below:


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