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Track by Track: Meg Mac 'MEGMAC' EP


Track by Track: Meg Mac 'MEGMAC' EP

The rising success of Meg Mac over the past twelve months can largely be attributed to her genuineness. The music feels as though it's a natural extension of her own thoughts and, more importantly, her soul. The uniqueness of the delivery format — a combination of Americana blues and dramatic pop — lends itself to such an emotional exertion, but it's also largely dependent on the sense of ownership bestowed by the 23-year old Melbourne songstress on her own creations. It's an unwavering self-belief, plus she's clearly comfortable in her own communication. A definition that instantly makes her music vastly more engaging that the re-traced templates of over-exaggerated extravagance, twee delicacy and anthemic breakdowns pursued by her adversaries.

Her debut EP, MEGMAC, brings together this last year of creative momentum. Whilst built on clear stylistic differentiation — including her dramatic diary-entry first single "Known Better", the raw, bitter sweet follow-up "Every Lie" and the refreshingly optimistic new single "Roll Up Your Sleeves" — the EP is tied together by it's underlying personal nature.

MEGMAC is officially out this Friday (September 12), but you can listen the entire release from today:

Keen to find out more about the genesis of the EP's contents, we asked Meg Mac to document her own descriptions of each song.

All words below by Meg Mac.

Roll Up Your Sleeves
I feel like I wrote this song from myself to myself as some sort of reminder. Doing the right thing is hard and sometimes it is way easier to pretend you don't give a shit. Deep down I think we all give a shit and that everything has to be alright if you want it to be. I do really believe that.

I was getting really down about the world around the time I wrote this. I was having trouble understanding the strange hold money has on people and how it turns good people against each other. It is like it is turning the world without us knowing and I couldn't stop thinking about it.

Grandma's Hands
There is just something about this song. Every time I sing it, it feels different. I find something new or look at the song in a way I hadn't though of before. I feel as though this song relates to everyone and it feels good to sing it.

Every Lie
If there are some lies floating around in your life, it hurts. And I really wish I hadn't spent so much time thinking about all the lies I hadn't found. If there are some lies that come out, there has to be more right? I went mad. But now it is just a song so I don't need to worry about it anymore.

Known Better
My first little Meg Mac song. Every time I do something stupid I get this horrible guilt that spreads through me and I just have to let it pass. Each time it comes I swear I never want to feel it again, I will just be an angel of a person so I never have to feel like that again. But every now and then I am back again, like when I wrote this song.


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