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Tully's 1970 Self-titled Classic Reissued


Tully's 1970 Self-titled Classic Reissued

For the first time, Australian multi-genre pioneers, Tully, are set to reissue their seminal self-titled prog-psych debut.

Tully, initially released in 1970, is widely seen as a groundbreaking experimental record, it's core sound constructed from a unique combination of amplified organs, double kick drums and modified woodwinds. It's a sound born from the perfect mismatch of ideas and styles. Playful pop silliness partnered with thunderous cinematic choirs. Swirling acid jumbles brought back into check by soulful snippets more aligned with 1950's jazz than rock 'n' roll of the time. Freeform improvisation at it's uninhibited best. A true lost classic.

Until now. Listen to the entire remastered version of the record below.

Tully will be released on September 5 via Chapter Music. Pre-orders available now.


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