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Video Premiere: Pinch Hitter 'Nine to Fine'


Pinch Hitter are hardly your regular band. Whilst the duo of Nick van Breda and Dave Drayton have spent years playing in loud guitar-based outfits such as Staying At Home, Animal Shapes, Between The Devil & The Deep and Milhouse, Pinch Hitter is a distinctly different offering.

Most prominently for the featured instrument the band utilise — banjos.

The fast-paced plucking device, synonymous with scenes of moonshine-sipping on dilapidated porches, has been adapted here, with the instrument's immediacy offset by the uninhibited vocals that drift between conversational directness and soothing harmonies. This unforced flow realigns the bluegrass backbone into what's essentially a half-paced punk song, congruously partnering with the song's narrative of spray-painting "work sucks" on your bosses car, dropping the top on your jeep and cruising over to a neighbouring country for an afternoon of pillaging.

"Nine to Fine" is the first single from the duo's forthcoming debut, When Friends Die In Accidents, due out this September via Microphone And Loudspeaker.


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