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Video Premiere: Tully On Tully "Miles Away"


September has well and truly dawned, and with it, the beginnings of spring have evolved from tease to a reality. The time has come to shed layers, apply sunscreen and start scanning the radio station for a song that can unbottle all of the tight frustration that has been building up over the winter. It's time for a song that's powerful, but accessible; a song that's got feeling, but isn't overbearing. Simply put, it's time for a great pop song. "Miles Away", a new one from Melbourne's Tully on Tully, could be just that.

After recently spending some time touring overseas, including stints in the US, Canada and Singapore, Tully on Tully buckled down to record a song that reflected their experiences abroad, and how it has effected them. They've emerged with "Miles Away", a breezy 80's hymn led by front woman Natalie Foster's powerful voice. She shines here, building from an intimate, personal tremble into a gargantuan chorus that swallows the anxiety of being "10,000 miles away". It's a shimmering anthem that immediately draws comparisons to local contemporaries such as The Preatures and Alpine, a wholesome and tightly-produced gem from a group still in the fledgling stages of their career. Accompanied by a video — directed by Jam Nawaz — that touches on a whole manner of summer time hobbies (mates, sparklers, a cheeky bit of bubbly) "Miles Away" has all the hallmarks of a song that could easily find its way blasting out of a portable speaker from the sands of every beach in Australia come January. 


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