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Vintage Trouble Set to Preview New Material on Australian Tour


Vintage Trouble Set to Preview New Material on Australian Tour

Jetlag is a bitch. Except, it seems, when you're in Byron Bay. "You wake up in the morning and go out by the beach and see the sun rise and get to call people from home, Facetime from the water, and it's the most beautiful thing," says Vintage Trouble vocalist Ty Taylor. "Especially when you have nieces and nephews who can only dream of going to Australia. We get to share the beauty."

Vintage Trouble made their Bluesfest debut last year, and return this month for a second helping. They'll be bringing with them a slew of new music (Taylor estimates half the set at their sideshows will be new material), the first taste of which, "Knock Me Out", surfaced in February.

While retaining their core rock & roll and R&B sound, the song also demonstrates a willingness to experiment with modern production techniques. "We have to go through a lot of throwing things against the wall to see what's going to land right for us, because when you're trying to evolve, there are different things you can add to your formula, but you don't want to do something that doesn't feel organic," says Taylor. "It's been a trying time to get it all together without having people feel like we're not staying true to who we are."

The song is also the sound of the spring line by John Varvatos, who tapped the L.A. four-piece to be the face of the campaign.

"It's not something that was fabricated," says Taylor. "He was a fan of the band, we were fans of his, and for years I would try and save up enough money just to buy a John Varvatos belt. When I first met him I gushed all over him, and then we became friends. As soon as I got a shot [of me jumping in the air live] with his shoes in it, I sent him a picture and said, 'I bet you haven't seen your shoes in the air like this.' He said he started designing a line straight after he saw that."

As for whether there'll be a follow-up to 2015's 1. Hopeful Rd. this year? "We've started to think, maybe it's time to start doing singles," muses Taylor.

"It's really cool what John Mayer did [with new album The Search for Everything]. You do a lot singles and they accumulate and then [you] have an album. So I think that's the way to go."

We have some double passes to giveaway to Vintage Trouble's pair of headline shows, details here.

Article from issue #786 (May 2017), available now. Top photo, credit: Danny Clinch.


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