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War on Drugs Detail New Album, Release Tireless New Song 'Holding On'


The War on Drugs will release their fourth LP, A Deeper Understanding, on August 25th. In conjunction with the album announcement, the band released a sleek new single titled "Holding On."

"Holding On" sits easily next to the songs from War on Drugs' last album, 2014's Lost in the Dream. The arrangements settle on a mode quickly and hit cruise control. The band plays steadily rock for close to six minutes below Adam Granduciel's light voice. Granduciel sings weary couplets in quick gusts: "Now I'm heading down a different road, can we walk it side by side/ Is an old memory just another way to say goodbye?"

Granduciel worked on A Deeper Understanding with engineer Shawn Everett and his bandmates: bassist Dave Hartley, keyboarding Robbie Bennett, drummer Charlie Hall and multi-instrumentalists Anthony LaMarca and Jon Natchez. The group emphasised in a statement that this new album is a "band record."

A Deeper Understanding Track List:
1. "Up All Night"
2. "Pain"
3. "Holding On"
4. "Strangest Thing"
5. "Knocked Down"
6. "Nothing To Find"
7. "Thinking of a Place"
8. "In Chains"
9. "Clean Living"
10. "You Don't Have To Go"


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