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Watch Alex the Astronaut Perform Acoustic ‘What Sydney Looks Like in June’


Alex the Astronaut was a student when she released her debut EP To Whom it May Concern in early 2017. Living in New York on a soccer scholarship, she spent her days studying science and writing songs in her dorm. Since the, Alex has graduated and moved home to Sydney. “90% of the people I met over there I won’t see again,” she says of her three years spent living in New York. “I said goodbye to a whole portion of my life. Which is probably why I spent most of my new songs writing about that.”

The sunny "What Sydney Looks Like in June" is about Alex coming home and finding herself a tourist in her hometown. 

Like her debut, Alex the Astronaut’s second EP, See You Soon, is a five-song set of vivid train-of-thought narratives, and bare acoustic bones bracing bright pop melodies. But where her debut brimmed with new experiences, See You Soon hints at the weight of returning home having lived in the world. “I had to make friends again,” says Alex. “I had to rebuild relationships. I’d had one month bursts of seeing people here then leaving again. But now I’m back for good.” 


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