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Watch Bad//Dreems Perform a Stripped Back Live Set at the RS Office


In James Jennings' recent review of Bad//Dreems' debut album, Dogs At Bay, he commends the band's unwillingness to "hide behind feedback and play while staring at their shoes". It's a consistent front-foot surety that immediate aligns the band as evolutionary heirs to an all-but forgotten "no-bullshit" Australian pub rock era.

Here, performing two tracks from the record, they're presented more naked (musically) than ever before, leaning solely on the lyrical bluntness for support. As such, "Hiding to Nothing"'s seemingly endless stream of quotable quips gut-bunch with greater gusto, while the contrast of accented larrikinism and strained passion on "Cuffed & Collared" becomes the centrepiece as the guitars' forced subtlety frantically attempts to play catch up.


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