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Watch Cousin Tony's Brand New Firebird's Hazy, Escapist 'Morning Person' Video


On new track, "Morning Person", Melbourne quintet Cousin Tony's Brand New Firebird cut through the clutter, teasingly threatening to let the shards of injected fuzz overthrow all, but instead show the strength of their soulful pop focus, smoothing it out with an unforced momentum. All effortless moods met on the complimenting video — today premiering via Rolling Stone Australia — which, aided by the perfectly hazy Super8 style, transports us away from a world of cubicle confinement, TPS reports et. al. and to a simpler existence, biking around town delivering bread.

"I wake up very early — normally just before the sun rises — and spend the first couple of hours of my day just walking around the streets and watching the world slowly wake up," lead vocalist Lachlan Rose explains of the song and video's origin. "Normally the only other signs of life are the bread delivery guys that ride around dropping baked goods off to the cafes. I admire their devotion to the 'morning person' creed; they actively seek employment that ensures their awakeness at this special time of day."

Rose adds that him and his brother — director of "Morning Person", Hugo — cast the video while visiting their favourite cafe/bakery, Loafer Bread in Fitzroy. "One of their delivery guys, Harry, is a very friendly face behind the counter so we simply asked him if he was interested in being our 'morning person'. He obliged and that was our entire cast right there."

"Morning Person" is set to feature on Cousin Tony's Brand New Firebird's forthcoming debut, Electric Brown, due early 2018. The band are currently supporting Gretta Ray on a run of regional Victoria dates.


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