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Watch Ed Sheeran's Sweet Teenage Ode in 'Castle on the Hill' Video


Ed Sheeran reflects on his teenage years in the coming-of-age video for record-breaking new single "Castle on the Hill." The clip was shot in his hometown of Framlingham, England.

The video portrays a young Sheeran driving around town with his friends. He has his first kiss and goes out dancing. Present-day Sheeran is also there, driving alone into town as he sings the song that praises his relationships from that era of his life and notes the dark turns many of those young kids took. He thanks them for helping raise him.

Sheeran released "Castle on the Hill" simultaneously with Number One single "Shape of You" earlier this month. Both tracks will appear on his forthcoming third album Divide, out on March 3rd. It is first album since 2014's X, known also as Multiply. Since then, he has toured then taking a one-year hiatus from social media to focus solely on the album. 


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