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Watch Gemma Ray Perform 'There Must Be More Than This' Live at the RS Office


While here touring her seventh album, The Exodus Suite, the English-born, Berlin-based, Gemma Ray, stopped by the Rolling Stone office to perform "More Than This".

The live version sits side-by-side the original, thanks to Ray having recorded The Exodus Suite live in seven days at Candy Bomber Studios in Berlin. Bluesy and psychedelic in sound, it's speckled with retro influences, wallowing surf guitars and Ray's pleading, intimate vocals.

Her music is emotive, cinematic in it's ability to create an ambiance, so it's not surprising that alongside her own albums she's contributed to scores and music for film and TV shows (The Killing, What Remains, Switch and Ringer). Her latest release follows the same affecting path; making for a brooding exploration of highs and lows.

Gemma Ray's The Exodus Suite is out now.




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