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Watch Lil Yachty's Lustrous 'Lady in Yellow' Video


Lil Yachty broods in bright colors in the new video for "Lady in Yellow." The track appears on the Atlanta rapper's debut album, Teenage Emotions.

The clip opens with a young woman returning from the store and organising her groceries in colour-coordinated cabinets. Fittingly, the camera zooms in on the jar of mustard she places in the yellow cabinet before cutting to a clip of Yachty stepping out of a yellow cab.

As Yachty croons the syrupy slow jam, the "Lady in Yellow" clip continues to embrace all things flaxen. The MC dons an array of yellow outfits, bounces on a sun-coloured trampoline and pines for a woman in a golden outfit who pedals around him on a tawny bicycle.


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