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Watch Tropical Strength Trip Out in Video for Joyful 'Let's Take a Walk'


Tropical Strength is the new musical project of two Coal Coast brothers, simply known by their alter-egos of Al Foil and Sir Dinsington. Earlier this month, they introduced themselves via "Sixtle", a collage of An-Co-esque chaos dumped upon a punchy rhythmic spine. For follow-up, "Let's Take a Walk", they iron out the clutter for a bright and bouncy blend of Sgt. Pepper-spiked psychedelica and modern, bubbly art-pop.

The video for "Let's Take a Walk" — exclusively premiering today via Rolling Stone Australia — follows this flashback lead (all 8mm of it) as the pair "take a walk outside", playfully galavanting through overexposed, sun-soaked scenes under the guidance of the narrator's directions.

"This song is very different to 'Sixtle' which was written and recorded in four hours and every part was done first take and made up on the spot," explains Foil, adding that "Let's Take A Walk" benefited from being a more laboured effort.

"We hit a lot of locked doors and had to figure out what keys to use. But we don't really know what we are doing as song writers so we usually ended up picking the lock or breaking the door down. It sounds like it's pretending to be an old sunshine pop song but if you listen closer it's not. I think it might be written for someone else to sing to us."

The visual, filmed around the Wollongong Botanic Gardens and the duo's hometown of Austinmer, was created by James Kates, drummer from South Coast band the Pinheads. The filmmaker's recent work includes the Four Winds series, which takes a fresh new spin on the surf film. Watch the collaboration with Tropical Strength below, with the rest of series' clips available via Vimeo.


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