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Weezer Preview New Album With Video About Seagull Love


A seagull searches for love in the goofy video for Weezer's new song "Mexican Fender." The track will appear on the band's forthcoming LP, Pacific Daydream, out October 27th.

The hair metal-style riffs of "Mexican Fender" and frontman Rivers Cuomo's lyrics about nerdy, unrequited love provide the perfect soundtrack for the Lior Molcho-directed clip, which chronicles one lowly seagull's efforts to impress a young woman at the beach. The seagull resorts to all sorts of antics to win the woman's affections, stealing popsicles, flowers and even car keys from other beachgoers. However, the gull's efforts backfire when the woman catches him trying to pilfer a purse. After a scolding, the seagull stalks off to wallow in the dunes, but ultimately the woman returns to give the bird a surprise sunset peck.

"Mexican Fender" follows previously released Pacific Daydream track, "Feels Like Summer." Pacific Daydream marks Weezer's 11th LP and follows their 2016 self-titled album, also known as The White Album. Butch Walker produced Pacific Daydream, which is available to pre-order.


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