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Listen to West Thebarton Brothel Party's Chaotic Ode to Sharehouse Life 'Moving Out'


Listen to West Thebarton Brothel Party's Chaotic Ode to Sharehouse Life 'Moving Out'

A familiar scene from twenty-something life. Starting with such debauched, all-in-together survival, the sharehouse set-up takes shape. They've established a "mates rates" split, someone else has found a fridge in some sort of working order on the side of the road. No house rules, no cleaning schedule, just a communal calendar for beer carton purchasing. And it all just works.

And as quick, it all falls apart. One of the six residents falls in love. Stumps-pulled with haste as a lease elsewhere is signed. The whole thing got old, fast. They've had enough.

Such is the crystallised, straight-shot scene documented on the latest track from Adelaide rock-troupe West Thebarton Brothel Party. With a flurry of grunged guitars and vocals spat rather than sang, "Moving Out" takes on the small-turning circle between simple life sybaritism and piss-sinking yourself into replayed days/nights of peer-supported, self-destructive behaviour.

The track is expertly navigated by snaring vocalist Reverend Ray, who swiftly moves from "now or never" optimism to resentment, before jolting back with enthusiasm, leading the riff-raff from a crowd clap-along break into a rollicking, geographical-focused rally cry. Much like city-mates, Bad//Dreems — who they stylistically share more than a few attributes with — West Thebarton Brothel Party clearly steer their sound via the envision of its live performance. Within such a setting, "Moving Out" is destined to be a sure-fire hit.

Available from February 16th, "Moving Out" is exclusively premiering today via Rolling Stone.

The band will celebrate the release of "Moving Out" at a series of upcoming headline shows, as well as appearances at the Hills Are Alive and Big Pineapple festivals.

West Thebarton Brothel Party 'Moving Out' Tour
Saturday, March 25th: The Hills Are Alive Festival, Victoria
Friday, March 31st: Chippendale Hotel, Sydney
Saturday, April 1st: Crowbar, Brisbane
Saturday, April 8: Yah Yah's, Melbourne
Saturday, April 22nd: Ed Castle, Adelaide
Saturday, May 27th: The Big Pineapple Festival, Queensland


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