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Clowns: 5 Songs From a Punk Rock Upbringing

Clowns: 5 Songs From a Punk Rock Upbringing

Keep it short, do it fast and back it up with a chaotic live show. Melbourne quartet Clowns remain champions of the old-school punk rock ethos, yet their latest album, Bad Blood, saw them stretch beyond their punk foundation, dabbling in everything from pop-focused party anthems to epic instrumental scores. An air of experimentation continued through to new track "Destroy the Evidence", which interjects flirts of post-hardcore antagonism alongside the air-punching punk rock frenzy.

"Destroy the Evidence" — which comes accompanied by a suitably chaotic tour video — showcases Clowns' influences stretch well-beyond the Black Flag, Angry Samoans et al. parameters. Keen to discover more about the formation of this ever-evolving punk rock cocktail, we caught to up with Clowns bassist James Ahern to discuss the pivotal songs from his own upbringing.

All words below by James Ahern.



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