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Hoodlum Shouts: Songs For Troubled Times

Hoodlum Shouts: Songs For Troubled Times

Hoodlum Shouts' drummer Josh Leyshon provides us with a playlist of his favourite Australian music with a message. You can catch the Canberra rockers playing a rare show on Saturday, January 21st at Melbourne's The Toff in Town, with Jack Colwell. Tickets are available here.

In a review of our first EP back in 2009 there was a description that went something like: "I don't know what these guys are angry about but they're yelling about something". Pretty much sums it up, neither do we most of the time; our main drive is to make good music but we've made social and political commentary along the way as well. Our latest album Heat Island looks at the perceived dichotomy between the planet and its people, to take the phrase from the classic album from Newcastle hardcore band Conation.

There is a dire need to look after this planet. Global warming is real and it will affect us all. We collectively have a propensity to get caught up in day-to-day human affairs which means we can miss the forest for the trees – literally. In a world of new identity politics, which is dividing us and driving people back into tribal, "us and them" thinking and leading to the rise of the radical left and right, we are setting up a society for ourselves where we can't see past each other. This is no way to be if we want to face the really big problems, like climate change, war, pollution, destruction of oceans, over population etc.

We need to re-centre our politics and recognise our similarities not our differences. Heat Island is our concern for the planet but it's also hopeful. The world is socially a much better place than ever before in human history. There have been massive global reductions in violence, death, disease and poverty. We need to recognise this, keep doing more of the good stuff while fighting the bad stuff so we can concentrate on the big stuff, together.

Here are some Australian musicians we really admire. They deal with the big, the small and all things in-between.



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