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Sonos Creator Series: At Home With Eric J


Sonos Creator Series: At Home With Eric J

For a man who's worked with artists such as Chet Faker, The Rubens and St. Vincent, Melbourne-based producer Eric J has a startling admission: "There's always music going in the house now, but we didn't really have that for a few years."

The halls of his home started echoing with songs when he decked out three rooms with Sonos speakers (one of which he moves outside for outdoor dining), through which he streams Spotify. "It really has changed the energy at home," he offers. "It's been great for me and for listening with my family – we love listening to funk and old R&B, but we really mix it up, so it'll be Stevie Wonder into Parliament, Sly Stone, The Meters and Bill Withers, then Elliott Smith at dinner time. My son Josh loves when we blast Nirvana and my wife Louise likes Jamie XX.

In the mornings with my youngest son Jesse, we listen to Miles Davis, Coltrane and Oscar Peterson with a little Bach thrown in for good measure. I love that I have access to all these different playlists."

Eric also utilises Sonos professionally to reference mixes he's doing in the studio. He recently put his system to use while working on Flume's new record. "It's an important thing to know how the average listener is going to experience a song," he offers. "Sonos gives me a really good, really accurate representation of the whole spectrum of sound. It's been really helpful."

And while his studio is acoustically tuned and therefore doesn't need to take advantage of Sonos's Trueplay Tuning – software that enables the speakers to adjust their output to the shape of the room, therefore offering the best possible sound – at home he's found it invaluable. "The sound's a little more focused because I've got hardwood floors, so I think it just probably toned down a little bit of the top end of the music," he explains. "Honestly, I think it sounds incredible. And I'm sure I'm harder to please [than most] as far as sound quality."

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