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Sonos Creator Series: At Home With Seth Sentry


Sonos Creator Series: At Home With Seth Sentry

Unsurprisingly, given how much time Seth Sentry spends on the road, his Melbourne home is set up for the rare occasions that he gets to kick back and relax. His large curved screen TV and Sonos PLAYBAR have seen some epic online gaming sessions of late, while Seth recovered from a broken leg.

"I've only just dragged all of this stuff back out of my bedroom. It was kind of gross. I was sleeping, eating, everything in one room. It's good to feel like a grown-up again." Sentry chuckles as he fires up his Xbox. "A grown up who's about to play Call Of Duty".

Sentry is a regular on the online gaming scene. "It's weird, I remember having to go around to friend's places so you could play Tony Hawk's Pro Skater together. Now you can just go online." Sentry uses a headset mic to chat to other gamers and blasts the game audio from his PLAYBAR. The set-up suits him to a tee, as it cuts down on clutter and is easy to move. "I've got a real problem with cables," he says, as we notice a distinct lack of them in his living room. "The Sonos speakers suit me because I only have to unplug the power cord to move them from room to room. I can move these PLAY:1s between my bedroom and loungeroom in under a minute. I like the wi-fi connectivity as well. It's way more stable than Bluetooth." Sentry's hatred of messy cables isn't shared by his cat Titan, who spends most of our visit climbing into our camera bag and running up his owner to sit on his head. "Titan is more popular than me on Instagram," says Sentry.

Sentry is currently rehearsing with his first live drummer for his upcoming national tour. "He's amazing. He's the sort of drummer that other drummers like to watch from the side of stage." When asked about his music consumption, Sentry says he listens to music differently when he's writing an album. "When I'm in a writing cycle I find it hard to listen to music and just enjoy it, without going, 'Oh, I like that kick sound', or 'That snare is too loud.' It never feels like work though."

All words below by Seth Sentry.

Aesop Rock "Daylight"/"Nightlight"
"Aesop is a top 5 lyricist to me. The way that 'Nightlight' perfectly counterpoints a lot of the lyrics from 'Daylight' is just so creative and cool."

Chance The Rapper "Blessings"
"Chances' music is just so damn fun to listen to."

Wu-Tang Clan "Reunited"
"When I was a kid I was convinced that Wu-Tang were actual Shaolin warriors who could also rap."

Xzibit "Paparazzi"
"Before Xzibit was pimping cars he was spitting bars. used to pump this when we were smoking in my friends garage."

Rage Against The Machine "Bombtrack"
"Love me some rage, i think Zack de la Rocha is a very underrated rapper."

Nirvana "Smells Like Teen Spirit"
"I remember taping this off the radio as a kid."

Deltron 3030 "Things You Can Do"
"Back in 2000, Del Tha Funkee Homosapien teamed up with Kid Koala and Dan The Automator and created a mother-fucking sci-fi masterpiece."

Big Pun "Dream Shatterer"
"This dude was so ahead of his time, his rhyme schemes were second to none."

Pharoahe Monch "Agent Orange"
"What can I say, Pharoahe is a freak of nature."

Big L "Put It On"
"Big L was such a big influence on me back in the day. So charismatic and cool. He was one of the first dudes I heard spit clean multi syllable rhyme schemes."


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