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First Listen: Chain & the Gang 'Best of Crime Rock'


First Listen: Chain & the Gang 'Best of Crime Rock'

Chain & the Gang — the latest project from iconic U.S. punk activist, Ian Svenious — are set to release a new LP, Best of Crime Rock, on June 6th, with the complete album exclusively available to stream from today via Rolling Stone Australia.

Across skeletal guitar/drums compositions, Svenious shuffles between spat-punk attitude and playful chant-a-longs, squaring up to eye-to-eye against capitalism ("What is a Dollar"), America's blinding love of freedom ("Free Will") and the ills of modern life (as viewed through an examination of garbage can contents on "Certain Kinds of Trash").

Amongst these unflinching attacks, there's a selection of spoken word tracks scattered across the release, shaped as blunt mantras of the band's punk ethos ("I See Progress") and storybook fables, as with the brilliant, unraveling closer, "Deathbed Confession".

"Chain & the Gang is the only 'down with liberty' rock 'n' roll group in the world," Svenious says of the project, adding that the LP serves as "a primer kit for anyone who wants to learn about real underground delinquent rock 'n' roll that isn't mucking around with the indie set."

"[Chain & the Gang] say 'down with liberty, up with chains, lock me up and throw away the key.'"


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