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First Listen: Clap Clap Riot 'Dull Life'


First Listen: Clap Clap Riot 'Dull Life'

Auckland-based quintet, Clap Clap Riot, are set to release their third full-length Dull Life on April 28th. The album is available to preview in full via the stream below, exclusively via Rolling Stone Australia.

While introduced via a pair of carefully constructed, unashamedly pop-facing songs — "Tired of Getting Old" and "Help Me" — it's around the edges that Dull Life finds its identity, mostly with the extensive, subtle signs of diversity displayed. The title-track tiptoes the strummed line between downtrodden ballad and boot-lifted optimism, "Four Hands" builds from MIDI-minimalism blips, lo-fi shitgaze experiments emerge on "Better Than You", slicing through the similar indie-rock route of the effortlessly-delivered LP standouts — opener "Rising In The Street", "Arrows In The Night" and the Brit-pop boozer chant-a-long "Crickets In The Grass". While climatic down-tempo closer, "Old Man Living", pivots in another direction altogether, simply by stripping back the surf-rock glee to expose the blunt lyric fragility underneath; all swayed, unpredictably, towards a dream-pop course by the composition's recurring wobble.

Clap Clap Riot's album launch Australian tour — scheduled to run Thursday to Saturday this week — has unfortunately had to be cancelled due to the sudden and unexpected passing of the band's close friend, Jeremy Toth, last weekend. Toth was an instrumental part of the band's creative work, contributing to the majority of their videos, a playlist of which has been collected here.


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