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Premiere: Pinch Hitter 'I Like That You Make Bad Decisions'


Premiere: Pinch Hitter 'I Like That You Make Bad Decisions'

As Dan Stapleton suggests in his review of their brilliant 2014 debut, it would be easy to simply label the style of banjo-loving duo Pinch Hitter as a gimmick, bringing an instrument rarely heard outside of southern American porches to such prevalence as merely a decision of distinction.

Yet the utilisation of the unusual sound and it's significance (which we first attempted to describe back in July last year) finds a niche space ideally placed between simplicity and intricate detail, causing a contrasting shift of moods. On their latest single, "I Like That You Make Bad Decisions", the pacy plucks bolster the composition's fragility, taking the sympathetic sadness into a brighter, more optimistic space. Here, it's a path also traced by the lyrical restlessness, the economical nature of particular lines armed with wonderful, interchangeable interpretations ("I didn't get to sleep last night, and you're the reason why").

"I Like That You Make Bad Decisions" features on the band's new split 7" with Cleveland's Meridian, available to order now via Youth Conspiracy (US) and Lost Boy (Australia). The two bands also kick off a US tour later this month, with the full run of dates available here.


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