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Red Riders Reform for One-Off Show


Red Riders Reform for One-Off Show

Much-loved Sydney indie-rock band Red Riders will reform later this month, headlining a hometown show on March 31st at Red Rattler.

The show, part of the Red Bull Sound Select series, is curated by Johann Ponniah of I Oh You and will also feature performances from the label's latest signing, Lake Macquarie-based Brightness, alongside Sydney band Shearin'. Tickets are available via RSVP-ing here, costing $3, with $10 door sales, if available.

Formed by dual singer-songwriters Alex Grigg and Adrian Deutsch, Red Riders began playing shows across Sydney venues in 2002, after adding bassist Mathew Chapman and drummer Tom Wallace. The band released a pair of EPs — their self-titled debut in 2004 and The Plan A in 2005 — ahead of their 2006 debut album, Replica Replica. Deutsch left the band in 2008 to focus on his solo career and, following a short period of rotating fill-ins, they enlisted Brad Heald from fellow Sydney band, The Vines, as a permanent replacement.

The band released their second — and ultimately final — LP, Drown in Colour, in 2009, announcing their disbandment two years later in April 2011. Grigg told Purple Sneakers in 2013 that while the split was prompted by Chapman "leaving to go join the corporate world" it was also a case of creative burnout for the band: "I think we kinda  explored everything musically that we were going to be able to under that banner."

Grigg and Wallace would go on to form a new band Palms, so far releasing two LPs, 2013's Step Brothers and Crazy Rack in 2015. Grigg has also continued to perform in Sydney punk band Straight Arrows, which he formed with producer Owen Penglis in 2007.

On Red Riders returning to the stage in 2017, Grigg told Rolling Stone the reason is simple enough: "we're just doing it because Johann asked and we thought, 'well if someone young and cool wants to see a bunch of old rock dogs play a show then who are we to refuse?'" Grigg also adds that "it just felt right", with Replica Replica celebrating its tenth anniversary last year and Chapman recently moving back to Australia, after spending the past five years living in Seattle.

The reunion show will feature all Red Riders members, including Deutsch, with the two formations of the band each playing their attributed songs.

Don't expect this to spark a second life for the band, however, with Grigg saying there's no plans for a "half-baked third album", also capping, albeit cautiously, any suggestions there'll be more performances in the near-future: "if something rad comes up we won't say no, but nothing is planned and there's no grand ideas."

"It's nice people are still interested in the band, but we don't want to stretch that interest thin."


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